Pang Tao: Dancing Notes

Pang Tao: Dancing Notes

Chief Editor: Carol Yinghua Lu


The catalogue, edited by Ms. Carol Yinghua Lu, the director of the Inside-Out Art Museum (IOAM), is the publication of the exhibition Dancing Notes: New Works by Pang Tao (July 14–November 11, 2018). The catalogue follows the curatorial display of the exhibition; and by taking Pang Tao’s new works on paper from 2017 as the foundation and analyzing the artistic concerns in these pieces, the catalogue presents her major works from the New Period to the present day. In addition, by referring to the focus of each period of her artistic career, the catalogue systematically introduces the artist’s works and related archival materials..

Combining curatorial planning in the exhibition and the focus of each period of the artist’s career, this catalogue systematically presents Pang Tao’s works and the corresponding archives. Carol Yinghua Lu’s in-depth article outlines Pang Tao’s artistic development by situating her works within the social context and her career path. The catalogue also includes an interview with Liu Ding, one of the two exhibition advisors, conducted by Yang Tiange, a previous Assistant Curator at IOAM, in which Liu discussed the exhibition language and logic. The other exhibition advisor, artist Lin Yan, contributes a passionate and modest postscript for this publication.

The catalogue is designed by (Gu Hanyun and Yang Guicong). It has two different covers, both of which are from Pang Tao’s latest painting series Change of Color Gradation in 2018. The catalogue starts with Pang Tao’s work Outside the Window attached on lining paper. Pages can open flat to 180 degrees (thread-sewn binding with cold glue).

The exhibition booklet is the guide during the exhibition period, containing a shortened version of the curatorial statement, introductions to each section, and selected images of the artworks.

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