Happy People…

Happy People...

Chief Editor: Carol Yinghua Lu


This catalogue is based on the exhibition Happy People All People All Women All Men All Women All Men All People First Man Second Man First Woman Second Woman Third Man All People Fourth Man Some People Other People All People Third Woman Fourth Woman Fifth Woman Fifth Woman All Other People Fifth Man All Other People All People Fifth Woman All Other People Fifth Woman All Other People Fifth Woman All People (2019.4.18-8.4, Inside-Out Art Museum). The artworks in this exhibition portray different characters and their states of mind from various perspectives. Contemporary, modern, and ancient works and documents are all included. Some of the artists are at their old age, some have passed away, and others have just graduated from university.

The catalogue is packaged in a hardcover box with booklets and fold-out pages. It includes a foreword by Carol Yinghua Lu, curator of Happy People… and director of Inside-Out Art Museum, poem Happy People written by He Qifang, and 15 pieces of description on the exhibited works written by curators Qian Menni, Sun Guanghui, Yang Tiange, Su Wei who assisted this exhibition. Luo Xiaoming, Associate Professor from the Department of Cultural Studies at the Shanghai University was invited to contribute an article in parallel with the exhibition, Inference-World/Instructions, connecting this exhibition and the detective fiction through time and space.

The catalogue is designed by independent design studio Leftori, and all artworks are printed on a single page. Also included is the reproduction of documentation on the New Historicism Group’s Disinfection in its original size. Every reader can reproduce this exhibition as one likes, and it will provide a deeper understanding of the artists’ intent and the meaning of their works.

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