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Announcement of Prolonging the Current Exhibition 

The research exhibition Infinite Realism: Humanism in Chinese Photography from the 1920s to 1980s opened at Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum on August 20. Since then, it has attracted the attention of scholars and art professionals, and sparked a considerable number of meaningful discussions.


Affected by the pandemic, Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum had to close the exhibition temporarily for several times, thus significantly suppressed opportunities for further discussions on multiple topics related to the exhibition. In the meantime, we have received ample requests from the public to extend the exhibition period. After careful consultation with related parties and diligent coordination, we have gained the understanding and support of participating artists, institutions and loaners. Thanks to them, we are able to share with you the exciting news that the exhibition Infinite Realism: Humanism in Chinese Photography from the 1920s to 1980s will be on view until February 12, 2023.


Inside-Out Art Museum once again expresses sincere respect and gratitude to the artists, institutions, loaners, and friends in all fields who have contributed to the exhibition. We are also grateful for the audiences’ long-term support and will constantly bring out more in-depth articles and discursive events. Please keep following our official social media accounts for updates.


If you have plans to visit us recently, please scan the QR code below one day before 17:00, fill in the reservation information, and only come to the museum under the condition of ensuring that you are in good health. During your visit, please wear your mask at all time.


Inside-Out Art Museum looks forward to your visit, and wishes you a healthy winter.

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