Inside-Out Practice |Conversation with Ken Lum: Reflections on China 1984-2000

Inside-Out Practice |Conversation with Ken Lum: Reflections on China 1984-2000

Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum “Inside-Out Practice” presents From Art to Yishu, From Yishu to Art (2020.12.19-2021.3.19), a retrospective of the publishing history of one hundred issues of Yishu. From the abstract and all-encompassing concept of “art,” to the practical work of the journal’s viewpoints, editing, writing, and publishing, all of these specific aspects of the journal have enriched our understanding of art.

Mark your calendar! We are glad to have invited Ken Lum to share his reflections on China this weekend. He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of Yishu Journal from its inaugration in 2002 until 2004. In the 1980s-1990s, he visited China multiple times. In 2000, he taught in the Zhejiang Academy of Art, helped organize the International Curators’ Trip and participated in the Shanghai Biennal. As a Chinese-Canadian artist, Ken Lum is going to share his personal experience about his witness and participation in the China’s early contempoary art scene. This talk is moderated by Huang Wenlong and Liu Yusi, and it is in English.

Besides our online talk series, we will invite Yishu’s frequent contributors to share their experience: why did they choose to write about Chinese art, what are their writing experiences, and how were their collaborations with the editorial team like? We hope to get a comphrehensive picture of the community Yishu has fostered, which also serves as a reference to understand Chinese contempoary art.


Jan 09 2021


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