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2016 Resident Artists

Helen  Brechlin


2015 Resident Artists

Emily Berry

Susan Fang

Cathy Weyders

Peishan Yu

Annie Goh

Cheng Huang


Yushan Liu


2014 Resident Artists

Manfredi Beninati

Travers Nash

Yingtong Mai

Martin Romeo

Joo Lee Kang

Alexa Hoyer

Marion Delarua

Lynn Sullivan

Meave O' Neill

Weiling Chen

Adam Stone


2013Resident Artists

Eva Evrard

Lilian Beidler

Noah Schenk

Laura Yuile

SIjia Chen

Jean-Maxime Dufresne & Virginie Laganière

Joe Cantrell

Laure Jullien

Alina Bliumis & Jeff Bliumis

Sebastian Wickeroth

Ken Ueno

Tyler Hallett


2012 Resident Artists

Amy Lincoln

Bodo Korsig

Hanchang Liang

Gandalf Gavan

Jason S. Yi

Kurt J. Kemp

Mark Perlman

Lana Z Caplan

Nicola López

QInghao Zeng

Tomas Vu-Daniel















The Artist Residency Programme at Inside-Out Art Museum (IOAM) is dedicated to be a non-profit public platform to promote and support young emerging artists, as well as to foster greater interactions between China’s and the international art communities. Through the programme, a multifarious art environment will thus be created that gives rise to different international emerging artists to develop meaningful interactions and collaborations with one another. 


Located within the Beijing metropolis, the art museum also sits near the borders of hilly regions – an ideal location that offers an undisturbed ambiance for participating artists to devote their time and effort to the making of their art. Through this Residency Programme, we would like to see the involved artists’ careers and development break into new frontiers as a result of the fresh artistic inspirations gained. The Artist Residency Programme accepts applications from international visual artists and curators.


Paid by us

Accommodation and Studio

In order to meet the needs of the programme’s resident artist in his or her accommodation and work, IOAM will provide a space with two private bedrooms, one shared studio and living room.

Assistant (Volunteer) 

International resident artists who have difficulties in the Chinese language can indicate their need for an assistant, in order to adapt to the life in Beijing quickly. The assistants of the Artist Residency Programme are selected from the museum’s volunteers and would have undergone interview in order to ensure that they meet a certain standard of language ability.   


Paid by Artist


Administrative fee $50 (US dollars) per person per week

Travelling expenses to and from Beijing

The materials fee for studio activities

Living expenses during the Residency period

Other expenses to be incurred during residency


We require artist hold at least one public event during residency.




English/ Mandarin Chinese


How to apply?


Please refer to the instructions provided in the Artist Residency Programme Application Form  and complete the form carefully. Please attach your CV/Biography, Portfolio, a standard photo with your completed application form.

Email address:


Before you apply, please read Agreement of the Inside-Out Art Museum


The applications selection process is competitive. IOAM will send you a confirmation email once the complete application material has been received.  

Artists who are not accepted by the Residency Programme may apply again one year later by submitting a different set of art works and project proposal.


For further enquiries, you can check our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you couldn’t find answer from the FAQ, please email in to: