IOAM x Museum 2050 4th Annual Symposium

IOAM x Museum 2050 4th Annual Symposium

Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum is proud to partner with Museum 2050 to hold the fourth annual Museum 2050 symposium in Beijing from December 11-12, 2021. The theme of this year’s symposium is “The Agency of Museums: In Redefining the Past, Present and Future”.  We were overwhelmed by the response to this year’s Call for Papers with such an enthusiastic response from many practitioners and researchers. We are grateful to all applicants for the high quality proposals they submitted.


Museum 2050’s annual symposium is made up of three components: invited keynote speeches, paper presentations selected from the Call for Papers and workshops. This year’s keynote speakers are two museum directors with a profound knowledge of art history and  extensive museum management experience. They are Professor Wang Huangsheng, Chief Director of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum and Director of the New Art Museum Studies Research Center, and Patrick Flores, Professor of Art Studies at University of the Philippines, who is also the long-time Director of the Vargas Museum. They have made art historical research an essential approach to art museum practice, and have also been long-time proponents of disciplinary development in the field of art museum studies.


From the excellent nearly 100 submissions received, we have also selected 12 proposals and invited the speakers to present their research and reflections on art museums at this year’s conference. The presentations will be divided into three segments, and each session will be followed by a roundtable discussion allowing for questions from the audience and engagement amongst speakers. For the closed-door workshops, we have invitedHe Xiaote, Director of the Exhibition Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Wang Jing, Editor-in-Chief of Art Museum Magazine, and Leigh Tanner, Co-Founder of Museum 2050, to convene this year’s program.


On Friday afternoon, December 10, IOAM x Museum 2050 4th Annual Symposium will hold an opening meet and greet at Goethe-Institut China. We would like to thank Goethe-Institut China for their support. Please see the detailed schedule of the symposium below:


Friday December 10

Opening Meet & Greet


Saturday December 11

Opening Remarks

Carol Yinghua Lu, Director of Beijing Inside Out Art Museum

Leigh Tanner, Museum 2050 Founder

The Artists’ Museum by Beatrice Grenier

Heritage’s Digital Futures: Emerging Issues in Cultural Policy and Intellectual Property by Nick Pozek

Reimaging Asian Art Representations in American Art Museums in a Post-pandemic Future by Yi Cao

Women Arts Festival: Feminist Curating in Contemporary China by Jiete Li

Special Introduction
Carol Yinghua Lu, Director of Beijing Inside Out Art Museum


Keynote Address:The Predisposing Museum  

Patrick Flores, Professor of Art Studies at the Department of Art Studies at the University of the Philippines



Patrick Flores, Nick Pozek,Yi Cao,Jiete Li, moderated by Leigh Tanner

Historical Revisions for Continuous Exhibition Promotion – A Study of Four Woodcut Exhibitions in Singapore (1966 – 2016) by Hu Chao

Audience and Exhibition: Reform and Practice in Early Soviet Public Museums by Huiyu Cara Zhao

Structure and Agency:The Agency of Art Museums in the Early Stage of China’s Institutional Reform by Ma Ji

The Ethnographic Turn: The Practice and Theory of Socially Engaged Art by Feng Sha & Cheung Chi-Pui

Alternative Writing: Space and Rhetoric in the History of the Exhibition by Pan Jingzhi



Hu Chao, Huiyu Cara Zhao, Ma Ji, Feng Sha & Cheung Chi-Pui, Pan Jingzhi, moderated by Huang Wenlong, Scarly Zhou

Special Introduction
Carol Yinghua Lu, Director of Beijing Inside Out Art Museum


Keynote Address:Exhibition, beyond Art History

Wang Huangsheng, Chief Director of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum

The Influence and Role of OCAT in the Development of Contemporary Art in China by Guo Qian

The Archival Construction of a Museum: Multiple Reverberations of Viewpoints, Narratives and Practices by Pan Yuxi

Internet-famous Museum Exhibitions and the Regression of the Function and Initiative of Museums by Iris Li



Guo Qian, Pan Yuxi, Iris Li, Beatrice Grenier, moderated by Ningyi Xi


Sunday December 12

Editing Scenes——A Way of Curating

He Xiaote, Director of Exhibition Department, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum

Huang Wenlong, Assistant Curator of Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum

New Museology and Contemporary Chinese Art Museums: From the Editorial Work of a Collection of Essays on Art Museum Studies

Wang Jing, Executive Editor of Art Museum

Scarly Zhou, Curatorial Assistant of Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum

Community Building & Engagement for Art Museums

Leigh Tanner, Museum 2050 Founder


Due to the pandemic situation, we encourage the audience to participate in the symposium online, but ten slots will still be open for on-site participation. Those who are interested in the symposium and the workshops are invited to send a short biography and motivation letter (within 500 words) to, thank you.


Dec 11 - 12 2021


All Day





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