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姜有美|Youmi Kang



       姜有美专攻美术史专业,作为展览/ 艺术节策展人及学术研究员活跃在多种领域中。任职国立现代美术馆档案员, 参与《柏南准文献展:我的艺术故乡-Rheinland》、《权镇圭文献展:游走于小院落》、《曹德铉文献展:贵人的庭院》、《金复镇文献展》等韩国近现代艺术的研究及展览。又作为艺术殿堂书法馆客座策展人,通过《统一啊!》等项目对艺术精神重构解析后被可视化的现象进行考察,以过去与当今的交融为切入点研究艺术的意义。她在国立现代美术馆首尔馆设立Art Fab Lab,同时在政府主导的Maker Space 作为顾问研究艺术与科学的融合。

Youmi Kang

Youmi Kang is working as a project base freelancer/curator based in South Korea. She worked at MMCA(National museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea) as a researcher and is working for many of government run projects including local art festival which related to city development. She continuously conducts curatorial research on technology and art. Nam June Paik archive exhibition on 2015 at MMCA was held by this interest.