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金延恩|Jeong Eun Kim



金廷恩是生活于首尔的独立策展人。从2007 年设立亚洲艺术照片杂志IANN 开始进入艺术领域。曾任职ARTSONJE SAMUSO 教育部,历任2010 年“首尔照片展”展览策展人,2012 年大邱摄影双年展展览运营总监。共同策划/ 出版了《The Seoul, 艺术讲述的城市微观史》, 现在正在调查“亚洲城市考古”的相关议题,进行与韩、中、日特有的‘城市观察学’相关的研究,计划制成包括访谈影像和口述记录的资料集。

Jeong Eun Kim

Jeong Eun Kim is an independent curator based in Seoul, South Korea.Founder and chief editor for the acclaimed bi-annual contemporary art photography magazine, IANN, she has workded extensively in the field of photography including as chief coordinator for the Daegu Photo Biennale 2012, and curator of the Seoul Photo Festival 2010. Currently she teaches at Kaywon University of Art and Design while pursuing her PhD at Middlesex University in London.