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Salt Projects


Salt Projects(富源、韩馨逸)

Salt Projects 是富源和韩馨逸于2016 年在北京创建的策展工作室,通过结合理论和实践的研究方法展开工作,并将策展活动视为有机的、开放的艺术创作。Salt Projects 拥有一间17 平方米的项目空间,侧重于进行以时间为基的项目实验和发生,内容包括表演性讲座、放映和艺术家写作出版物的制作发行。


富源(b.1988)是一位作者和策展人。她在2010 年获人民大学新闻学院文学学士,2013 年获得纽约视觉学院艺术学硕士。文章曾在《ARTnews》、《Artforum》、《Asia Art Pacific》、《Flash Art》、《Frieze》、《艺术界》、《燃点》、艺术论坛中文网、纽约时报国际生活等发表。于纽约参与策划群展“Coming Together: One Year After Sandy ”(2013),“Soft Haze”(Thomas Erben Gallery,2016);在北京参与策划群展“气旋栖息者”(应空间,2015),群展“抵抗的涌现”(泰康空间,2016)。2016 年联合创立了研究型空间Salt Projects。


韩馨逸(b.1988)是一位策展人和作者,现生活工作于北京。2015 年毕业于中国美术学院当代艺术与社会思想研究所,获硕士学位。2012 年她作为海外项目协调人参与策划了第九届上海双年展“重新发电”;2013年作为联合报告人参与策划了吴山专与英格—斯瓦拉• 托斯朵蒂在深圳OCAT 当代艺术中心的展览“关于某物的报告”;独立策划的展览“永不抵达”入选2014 年OCAT 西安馆夏季青年策展人项目;2015 年于北京应空间联合策划群展“气旋栖息者”;2016 年3 月联合创立Salt Projects策展工作室;同年9 月于北京望远镜空间独立策划展览“时间轴上空无一人”;10 月在上海上午艺术空间联合策划“密室”项目。作为写作者,她的文章被刊登于艺术论坛中文网、《艺术界》、《艺术新闻中文版》以及《外滩画报》等媒体平台。


Salt Projects (Yuan Fuca, Han Xinyi)

The Salt Projects is a research-based curatorial studio founded by Yuan Fuca and Liya Han in 2016, Beijing. Combining theory and practice, Salt Projects understand research and curation as an open-ended activity, involving collaboration and inter-disciplinary approaches to art marking. Salt Projects' research space, a 17 square meters gallery, specifically focuses on time-based art pro-jects, events such as performance lectures, screenings and artist writing publishing.


Yuan Fuca

Yuan Fuca (b.1988) is a Chinese writer and curator based in Beijing. She obtained her MFA in Art Criticism and Writing from School of Visual Arts, NYC. Her writing, interviews and exhibition re-views appear in ARTnews, Artforum, Frieze, Flash Art, LEAP, Art Asia Pacific, New York Times T Magazine, among others. She assisted to curate the group exhibition “Coming Together: One Year After Sandy” (2013, New York). She cocurated group show “Perched in the Eye of a Tornado”(Ying Space, 2015); curated group show “Soft Haze” (Thomas Erben Gallery, 2016) and co-curated of “Towards the emergence of resistance”(Taikang Space, 2016). Yuan co-founded Salt Projects, a research-based curatorial studio in downtown Beijing.


Han Xinyi

Han Xinyi (born in 1988) is a curator and writer. She graduated from China Acade

Beijing. Partici-pated 9th Shanghai Biennale “Reactivation” as overseas project coordinator; Cocurated Wu Shan-zhuan & Inga Svala Thorsdottir’s exhibition “What A Form: A Reportage” in OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shenzhen in 2013; Independent curatorial program “Never Arriving” was selected in 2014 Summer Curatorial Call, Xi’an OCT Contemporary Art Terminal; Cocurated “Perched in the Eye of a Tornado” in 2015, Ying Space, Beijing; In 2016, She co-founded Salt Projects, a research-based curatorial studio; Curated “The Desolate Timeline” in Telescope, Beijing; Cocurated “The Secret Chamber” in A.M. Space, Shanghai. Her reviews can be seen in, LEAP, The Art Newspaper Chinese, Art Contemporary and The Bund Pictorial.