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project Via


Project ViA(姜有美、金廷恩、金秀贞、林钟恩)

Project ViA 于2103 年由隶属文化体育观光部的艺术经营支持中心(KAMS)启动成立, 旨在推动韩国当代艺术的发展,为韩国艺术专业人士提供全球范围内建立工作关联的可能性。项目经过评审选拔了四位策展人(姜有美、金秀贞、金廷恩、林钟恩)在东亚范围内展开为期两年的研究,并作为小组共同策划呈现一个展览。这一项目以向国际推广韩国艺术,提高策展人的经验为己任。《诗的真境:浪漫城市》是根据小组的前期考察及研究拟定的展览主题,以浪漫主义的视角和高扬个体情感的艺术活动,重构和反思都市中人的生活和情感。《浪漫城市》将在北京和雅加达两地举办展览。

Project ViA

(Youmi Kang, Jeong Eun Kim, Sue Kim, Jongeun Lim)

Launched in 2013 by KAMS, the Korea Arts Management Service, PROJECT ViA is designed to support the Korean contemporary arts community by providing useful channels for visual arts professionals to develop their global networks. Four curators, Youmi Kang, Sue Kim, Jeong Eun Kim, and Jongeun Lim were selected for its two-year curatorial program to conduct research on the East Asia and organize an exhibition as a group. The mission of the program is to promote Korean arts abroad and strengthen each curator’s experience internationally. Romantic City: Through the Practice of Aesthetic Criticism Today is an outcome derived from the research conducted by the team and is a space reconstructing and reflecting on lives and passions of people residing in the city through the concept of romanticism and the artistic movement celebrating individual’s ideas and emotions. Romantic City will be held in Beijing, China and Jakarta, Indonesia.