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韩磊 | Hanlei



韩磊出生于河南开封,1989 年毕业于中央工艺美术学院书籍艺术系。 1996-1997 年于北京- 柏林- 赫尔辛基三地举办《疏离/ 韩磊摄影展》。2005 年于法国POLARIS 和LOFT 画廊举办摄影个展。2007 年于香港汉雅轩举办摄影个展。2010 年于北京泰康空间举办个展《间隔:韩磊摄影展》。2014 年于上海M97 画廊举办《韩磊摄影展: 螺旋》。1994 年至今曾于世界多国参加摄影节及摄影联展。1998 年获美国年度琼斯母亲文献摄影奖。


Han Lei

Han Lei was born in Kaifeng, Henan Province. He graduated from Central Academy of Arts and Design in 1989. His solo exhibitions include: Alienation, 1996-1997, Beijing, Berlin and Helsinki; Portraits: Han Lei, Gallery Polaris and Gallery Loft, 2005, Paris; In 2007, Photography by Han Lei, Hanart TZ Gallery, 2007, Hong Kong, China; In Between: Han Lei, 2010, Taikang Space, Beijing; Spiral: Han Lei Solo Show, M97 Gallery, 2014, Shanghai, China. He has participated in many photography festivals and group exhibitions since 1994. In 1998, he was awarded the Mother Jones International Fund for Documentary Photography at Art Center and Studio Gallery, San Francisco.