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林钟恩|Jongeun Lim



      林钟恩毕业于弘益大学美学系,硕士学位,目前正在撰写博士论文。现为各大艺术杂志撰稿人,作为独立策展人以首尔为根据地活跃于艺术界,曾在多所大学教授美术史和艺术理论课程。她曾担任光州双年展出版经理,清州双年展协调人等职务,曾作为策展人在Alternative Space Loop、 White Block 美术馆等机构工作,也是大田市立美术馆多媒体艺术展览策划客座策展人。她作为独立策展人在国内外各种机构以各种方式合作,除了展览策划,通过参与Nomadic residency、Ssamzie Space 国际策展人驻留项目( 首尔,2007 年)、Tokyo Wonder Site(日本,2010 年)等驻留项目研究课题并策划展览。她现在主要关注以亚洲现代艺术网络及艺术家研究经验为基础的学术性研究以及展览实践。

Jongeun Lim

Jongeun Lim is currently working as an independent curator and a lecturer for art history and art theory at a number of universities. She organized several public art sites for Seoul City Gallery Project and worked for alternative space Loop as a curator and Deajeon City Museum as a Guest Curator. She also participated several prominent curatorial residencies such as Ssamzie international curatorial residency program, Tokyo Wondersite Residence program and Nomadic Residence program in China. She’s interested in Korea and Asia contemporary art and traditional theory. And she's also drawn to traditional values and ideologies recreated in contemporary art to redefine where contemporary Asian art practices is located in the globalized art fields. She studied painting in college and aesthetics in graduate school. She is currently preparing her PhD dissertation after completing the coursework.