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Inside-Out×IFP |Talks by IAOM Artist and Researcher in Residence

Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum


On this Saturday, September 29, 2018, Inside-Out Art Museum will collaborate with the Institute of Provocation for the first time to co-host a public event. Current artist and researcher in residence at the IOAM Art Residency Program will present at the Institute of Provocation their research and practice during September. Titled “Collisionsand Conspiracy”, Canadian artist Alvin Luong will share his video works and his methodology in art making, especially his on-going art work based on a Brecht’s play during his stay in Beijing. Peng Weihua, graduating with a BA and MA in Oil Painting from the Central Academy of Fine Arts will mainly focuses her talkon the artistic careers of the art couple Lin Gang and Pang Tao. In line with the academic agenda of the Inside-Out Art Museum, these two talks epitomize the intellectual perspectives of historical studies and contemporary art making.

Collisionsand Conspiracy

Speaker: Alvin Luong

Time: 14: 30- 16: 00

Venue: Institute for Provocation

Alvin Luong is a ruthless business mogul,an internet fitness instructor, an engineer in a romantic relationship with hishome, Richard Serra, and more recently, a race car trapped in a human body, and yellow faced agents from the USSR. Luong fabricates personas and stories by colliding various elements from biography, history, and contemporary events.The artist’s personas and stories are positioned somewhere in between realityand fiction, familiar and foreign, and humorous and tragic. Luong’s work creates contradictions out of moments of comedy, profoundness, and absurdity from living life under various conditions of governance, culture, and economics. The artist will share his strategies of production, discuss hisprojects, and preview work-in-progress produced while in Beijing as artist-in-residence at Inside Out Art Museum.

About the Speaker


 Alvin Luong 

Alvin Luong is an artist working with video andinstallation that convey fabricated personas and stories. The artist harnesses techniques used in mass media and entertainment to create satirical dialogues dealing current issues such as gentrification, climate, and war. Some of the institutions that the artist has shown work at include Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography ( Toronto, Canada), TIFF ( Toronto, Canada), Sluice( London, UK), and Freie Kunstakademie Baden-Württemberg ( Fellbach, Germany). The artist is co-director of Bunker2 Contemporary Art Container a non-profit artspace in Toronto for experimental culture, and founder of Bad Debt a political economy workshop based in Toronto with Verso Books.

Artistic Career of Lin Gang and Pang Tao

Speaker: Peng Weihua

Time: 16: 00- 17: 30

Lin Gang and Pang Tao were born respectively in 1925 and 1934. They were the first generation of oil painters after the founding of the People's Republic of China. Lin Gang’s practice started from the creation of New Year's paintings in the early 1950s. He then studied in the Soviet Union for six years for strict training of realist painting. Growing up under the artistic influence of his parents Pang Xunqin and Qiu Di, Pang Tao studied the paintings of modernist art as a child. She graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in the 1950s. In a specific historical context, the artist couple have completed many revolutionary realist paintings, but in the 1980s, they initiated artistic experiments with expressionism and abstractions which continue into the new century. Through research and review, Peng Weihua will showcase the normal and “abnormal” practices of Lin Gang and Pang Tao undercertain times by presenting the artistic choices of the artist couple, the exploration of their language of painting and their entanglement with the times.

About the Speaker


Peng Weihua

Peng Weihua completed her BA and MA at the Fourth Studio of Oil Painting Department at the CAFA from 2008 to 2015. Her master's thesis studied Lin Gang’s artistic career, and she is conducting research on Pang Tao during her residency at the Inside-Out Art Museum.

Aboutthe Institute for Provocation

Institute for Provocation (IFP) is a Beijing based independent art organization and project space founded in 2010. Combining the study of theory and artisticpractice, IFP aims to combine cross-disciplinary knowledge and stimulatecultural exchange and production in a collective approach. IFP organizes andadvocates various kinds of activities, including artist residency, researchproject, discussion, exhibition making, workshop, publication, etc.