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Inside-Out Mini Museum


For museum boom in China is phenomenal since past decade, has effect how we understand society and culture with burgeoning private museums in Asia, as taking greater effect how government has taken positive role, in understanding not explemary of fixed traditional model borrowed outside of Asia, rather a model fueled by ability to adapt understanding of museum as performance work.



Permitting the main space differentiated between inside and outside, inhabiting the interior and exterior spaces, giving experience of multiform, a rich spatial experience which inhabitant contained inside a dampened thick wall, where viewers realize they can walk through the plane of light, bathe into a volume of uncertain experience of unhurriedly shifts from contrasting light to dark, creating an intense experience question our primal experience of passage and destination, where traveling is meant as sensation of unique and reflective atmosphere.


The Miniature Museum (M/M) is predominantly a free-standing concrete structure, preside as a wall and a facade along with 5 openings for sound, sight, light,  along the concrete structure  attached to the larger performance hall, art center, and administrative offices for a cultural institution in Haidian district, western part of Beijing. M/M is a creation of compact and autonomous structure would serve to capture various scale and media art installation, including low-frequency sound installation from Japanese-American composer Ken Ueno, uncanny fantasies and childhood memory installation by Italian artist Manfredi Beninati, question of land and landscapes

 by Belgium landscape architect Bas Smets, and along with other renowned international artists.


Grand Opening Projects is curated by artist/architect Thomas Tsang, to question the role of curating architecture in site-specific setting of the Miniature Museum, question of which public space are equally contained, contrary to common practice of emptied shell museum, witnessed greatest cultural projects, where grand openings are greatest collection of the museum.  


Architect/Curator: Thomas Tsang (dehowprojects and University of Hong Kong)

Project Director: Yi Zhou (Inside-Art Art Museum and CAFA) 

Construction Manager: Bai Hong Rong


Construction: In-situ reinforced concrete and metal cladding

Exterior: 6.0 m (Height) x 2.1 m (Width) x 27.3 (Length)  

Interior Seating/Steps: 1500 mm x 1200 mm (Area: 1.8 m2)

Interior Platform/Entrance: 1000 mm x 1700 mm (Area: 1.7 m2)

Interior Ramp:6600 mm x 1700-1000 mm (Area: 8.9 m2)