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Support Inside-Out Art Museum, Support Nonprofit Art Programs.

Inside-out Art Museum is dedicated to promote contemporary visual art and ideas in China. We endeavor to preserve empirical knowledge in traditional art and crafts as well as supporting creative thinkers in the present artistic practices both from China and abroad. Our collections try to capture fleeting instances in this period of rapid change, to truthfully reflect the present level of artistic consciousness in China, contributing a worthy specimen for the study of Chinese contemporary art. Inside-out Art Museum is a place to experience ancient wisdoms and a space that allows accumulation of new experiences, providing soil to cultivate truly diverse ideas and approaches to art.

As a sponsor of Inside-Out Art Museum, you have opportunities to communicate closely and in-depth with artists, scholars and other professionals in cultural and creative fields. You may also benefit from our professional expertise on art collection and investment.

Inside-out Art Museum is officially recognized as non-profit art organization by Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, sponsor us you will benefit from governmental tax policies. Above certain amount of donation your name may be engraved on our friends and sponsor plates and permanently displayed in the museum for future generations. We will provide various personal services to your sponsorship, such as opportunities in our space for the use of private gatherings, celebrations and advertising activities.

For more information, please contact Inside-Out Art Special Fund: Tel: 86 10 6267 3186 E-mail: