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陈庆东|Alvin Tran



陈庆东(b.1989) 是一名编舞和艺术家, 成长于西雅图与广州。最近他刚结束一个长达三年的研究平台项目Spatial Motion ID , 探索了动态捕捉技术与数据分析工具。他之前在美国西雅图麦考剧院、俄亥俄州立大学、耶德逊纪念教堂及荷兰 Julidans 舞蹈节艺术家实验室有过演出, 并与音乐人、技术人员及作家一同创作行为作品 , 包括“Beetle Body” (2012)、 “Potential Spaces” (2014)、“Cargo Limits”(2014 )与“A History of Unclassified Movements” (2015)。他正在筹备一本探索舞蹈的口语传统的工具书。

Alvin Tran

Alvin Tran (b.1989) is a visual artist and choreographer raised in Seattle and Guangzhou. Recently he concluded Spatial Motion ID - a three year research platform investigating motion capture technology and data analysis tools. He has previously performed in McCaw Hall, Ohio State University, Judson Memorial Church, Blackbox Theater, Kaaitheatre, Sad-lers Well and Julidans Lab. He has previously collaborated with musicians, technologists, academics, and writers to create performance works including Beetle Body (2012), Potential Spaces (2014), Cargo Limits (2014), and A History of Unclassified Movements (2015). He is currently working on a reader investigating exploring oral traditions of dance, future exhibitions and performances in 2017 include Shanghai Projects at the Himalayas Mu-seum and New Work with Reza Aramesh at Leila Heller Gallery.