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驻留艺术家助理招募 9月底-10月底

Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum

9月24日至10月22日,来自意大利的艺术家Rachele Maistrello将在中间美术馆进行为期一个月的驻留。艺术家希望能找到一位可进行一个月的拍摄助理,为她最新的影像作品进行翻译、剪辑的相关协助。

艺术家的更多作品欢迎前往艺术家的个人官网 查看。下面附上艺术家对于创作理念的阐释:

My works are encounters.

Private acts of heroism and the stories of mini-utopias that go untold, hidden underneath the surface of the everyday nourish what I do.

I try to trip reality up, releasing its potential energy, searching for icons that have lost meaning and archetypes long forgotten.

I spend long periods getting closer to a subject, periods made up of intervals, waiting, arbitrary gestures, the chance of failure.

In the images that I chase, neighbouring worlds are brought together in a space-time outside of the present moment, somewhere near the dream state. These images are ambiguous, vibrating between the improbable and the plausible, mixed from a strange kind of nostalgia, beyond my day-to-day, beyond my routine. It’s a nostalgia for something that has never existed, a memory of something that never really happened that I decide to create, a sort of future that might have been able to happen.

For me the camera is a tool that allows me to remodel time, to transform events, that has the capacity to unmask: playing with the present and the future to reshape that very present.

It is an instrument for dialogue, ritual and performance.

Photographs, videos, drawing, documentation, memory and transcriptions are woven together in rhizomatic narrative forms. My works are open, made up of intervals, deviations, unexpected coincidences, they are a mirror on my encounters.


  1. 中英文流利,能熟练翻译各种议题。

  2. 动手能力强,对内容具有敏感度。

  3. 掌握Photoshop, Indesign, Final Cut Pro的基本操作。


  1. 进行中英文口译。

  2. 协助艺术家进行拍摄准备、文本翻译。

  3. 在一个月内持续跟进项目的进程和最终的呈现。

  4. 具有应对突发情况的能力。

  5. 时间具有可协调性。