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Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum


This film screening and conversation is part of the public dance performance/lecture/workshop/talk series related to Yvonne Rainer and Wen Hui: Dance Only Exists When It Is Performed, which is going to be open in August 24.




摄影:罗杰·迪恩,Babette Mangolte




16 mm, sw/ b&w, Farbe/ color, 90 min,

Kamera/ Camera: Roger Dean, Babette Mangolte

Yvonne Rainer’s third feature-length film is an extended experimental exploration of narrative and characters which departs from the conventions of narrative cinema. The nominal story revolves around Kristina, a lady lion tamer from Budapest and her relationship with a sailor named Raoul, who walks in and out of her life throughout the film. The characters, shared by different actors and actresses, take part in a filmic space that challenges the assumption of a seamless reality. Rainer breaks with the conventions of continuity in cinematic drama with an aesthetic that foregrounds the linguistic artifice and contingency of plot, so that stories and emotions are expressed as much by images, choreographed movements, repetition, texts, and non-synchronic dialogue as they are by naturalistic acting. With scenes that cut with words or images hanging, and a storyline that is loose, ambiguous, and fragmentary, Rainer undermines the audience’s expectations of narrative flow to explore a consciousness that examines feminine consciousness, relationships, as well as social/state power and oppression. Through a collage of ideas and discussions that interrogates alibis and illusions of coherence, the film provokes the audiences to reflect on threads of belonging within the social fabric.


机构简介 Institutions


de Art Center is a non-profit space of contemporary arts. Through a great variety of events and activities, including exhibitions, research initiatives and related programs of public education, international exchanges, etc., and with the collaboration from art practitioners and arts enthusiasts, we do hope to build a *breeding ground* to facilitate the artistic exchange between China and the world. The Center will be establishing a them each year. This year we would like to present a series of exhibits by Asian artists. Your interests are deeply appreciated stay tuned!



Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum is located in the West endof Xishan Cultural and Creative Boulevard, Haidian District, Beijing.Previously established in 2008, it was registered as a private and nonprofitart institution at Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau in 2011. Since the beginning of 2017, Inside-Out Art Museumhas started out a series of work with the intention to better understandourselves.We continuously return to the local sites of art and intellectualhistories, searching for threads of ideas, logic of language, and concepts ofart that continue to exert impact on us in spite of multiple changes of timeand space. Insisting on facing the realities in China and the issue of it, westrive to track the development inherent in art history using suitable methodson the premise that we are a part of History, Asia, and the Globe. With a focuson the critical viewpoint born out of cultural, historical and politicalrelatedness instead of exclusiveness, we will continue to look within ourselvesand promote dialogue with the cutting-edge art practices worldwide.