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北京12家美术馆联动,一日畅游 ART 1 DAY PASS

Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum


ART 1 DAY PASS丨艺术畅游日



Special Project for International Museum Day 2019 Jointly Presented by 12 Art Museums in Beijing 

每年5月18日是国际博物馆日,由国际博物馆协会于1977年发起。2019年国际博物馆日的主题为“作为文化中枢的博物馆:传统的未来(Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition)”,聚焦博物馆作为社区活跃参与者的新角色。在保留“收藏、保存、交流、研究、展示”的主要职能之外,博物馆/美术馆的社会角色正在不断重塑发展,逐渐变得更具有交互性,更加关注观众与社区导向,更为灵活、更加具有适应性和机动性。

In a program initiated by the International Council of Museums in 1977, May 18 is celebrated as International Museum Day. The theme of International Museum Day 2019 is “Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition,” focusing on museums as new and active participants in the community. Beyond their principal functions of collection, preservation, exchange, research, and exhibition, the roles of museums in society are constantly changing, and museums are becoming more interactive, flexible, adaptable, and mobile, as well as more visitor- and community-oriented.

基于今年主题中关注观众参与创造、文化互动与分享的精神契机,北京地区12家艺术机构首次联合推出2019年国际博物馆日特别项目——“ART 1 DAY PASS”艺术畅游日电子联票,观众持此票可在5月18日或19日参观12家美术馆,体验一日艺术畅游。

Building upon the idea that museums are places where visitors can “co-create, share, and interact,” twelve art organizations from the Beijing area are jointly presenting, for the first time, the ART 1 DAY PASS. This special ticket for International Museum Day 2019 gives visitors admission to all twelve art museums on either May 18 or 19, so that visitors can spend the day experiencing art.


This special project was initiated by Red Brick Art Museum, and includes Today Art Museum, Beijing Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing Times Art Museum, Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum, Red Brick Art Museum, M WOODS, OCAT Institute, Tsinghua University Art Museum, Song Art Museum, Taikang Space, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, and CAFA Art Museum (listed in alphabetical order by the first letter of the official Chinese name). In a first-ever joint effort by these twelve art museums, this special project will promote cultural exchange in Beijing, actively encourage the public to learn about and experience art, and help visitors to discover the vitality that art museums bring to a constantly-shifting city.




158元 享原价800元

北京 12家 美术馆 一日畅游 

- 扫一扫二维码购票 -




2019年5⽉10⽇-2019年5⽉18⽇ 23:59 







  • 持电⼦联票,于北京12家美术馆机构的前台进⾏电⼦核销,同一场馆活动当天仅限一次入场;

  • 请以各个场馆对外公布的可参观时间为准,合理安排参观;参观游览过程中遵循各场馆管理规定;

  • 所有票种一经售出,概不退换,票品为特殊商品,除不可抗力导致的项目取消或变更外,不支持个人理由的退换要求,给您带来的不便敬请谅解。

  •  “ART 1 DAY PASS”艺术畅游日联票,可任选在5月18日或19日任意一天内使用,单次免费或优惠参观以下展览(以下介绍中票价均为原价)。

ART 1 DAY PASS Terms of Purchase: 

  • E-Ticket Purchase Period: May 10th, 2019 to 23:59 on May 18th, 2019 

  • E-Ticket Use Period: May 18th or 19th, 2019 

  • E-Ticket Terms of Use: Valid on the day of use, limit one visit per museum

  • Price: 158 Yuan

  • E-Ticket Cancellation:
    Bring the e-ticket to the front desk of any of the 12 museums for verification and cancellation. Limit one visit per museum per day.
    In planning your visits, please note the opening hours and rules for each venue.

  • Once sold, tickets cannot be refunded. Refunds will not be permitted in cases other than a force majeure situation wherein the special event is canceled or altered. Thank you for your understanding.

“ART 1 DAY PASS”艺术畅游日联票,可任选在5月18日或19日任意一天内使用



By purchasing the ART 1 DAY PASS

visitors receive one free or discounted admission to the following exhibitions on May 18th or 19th

ART 1 DAY PASS | 艺术畅游日

5月18日—19日期间 展览介绍