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Guided Tours by Special Guests: Yang Yang (Writer \ Editor) |Panel discussion: The Low Ground and High Land--A Discussion about the Erronesous Zone in Art Critique (Issue 1 of the 7)

Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum


Guided Tours by Special Guests: Yang Yang (Writer \ Editor)

Time: 13:30 Meet at the front desk of IOAM



Yang YANG is an art magazine editor, and currently he also focuses to promote various art projects.  Previously, he worked for art museum and cultural institutions. He has experience in preparation and planning for international art projects and has built up his own understanding about the development of contemporary art in China. He studied in several academies of fine arts. He is based in Beijing.

Panel discussion: The Low Ground and High Land--A Discussion about the Erronesous Zone in Art Critique (Issue 1 of the 7)

Event co-founders : Stefanie Yuen King Chow and Avita Jinhong Guo

Invited guests: Bian Ka, Song Yi, Su Wei

The productions of knowledge had always been remain ‘internal’ in the art world, we are inclined to locate the knowledge producers on either cultural ‘low ground’ or ‘high land’, to overlook or worship the art works and the following cultural environment and conclude from this sight of view could be constrained by one’s own subjective perspective. Therefore, we establish this serial discussion with selected young art critics to look for solutions of various issues, starts from the individual writing experience of five young critics at our first conference.

The issues we wish to discuss might be: does art critique still stuck in its own linguistic domain? Do we have to re-establish a new writing structure to make sure the audience understand art critiques? Is the relationship in between editors and authors positive at nowadays? Does it need to be improved? If the art world's ecology is unfavourable for art critics, how does the latter sustain a writing? While the five art critics exchange their methodology, they shall expound the subject of their own critique, present constructive suggestions to the current Chinese art critique writing authority and discuss the solutions with the audience.

Sunday Review is an independent art critique platform that founded in 2019 by Stefanie Yuen King Chow and Avita Jinhong Guo. Sunday Review focuses on those on-going but unspeakable matters,that re-establish a realistic Chinese writing net by using precise theories analysis and serious writing attitude. The ‘imagination’ of art scenes shall be landed on the ground through art critique.