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SELF-CRITICISM Exhibition Lectures and Events II

Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum


Time :14:00-15:45, Saturday, 08 Jul, 2017

Address :Conference Room, Inside-Out Art Museum

SELF-CRITICISM is co-initiated by Carol Yinghua Lu, Luo Xiaoming and Su Wei. SELF-CRITICISM is a reflection on the reality, knowledge, standpoint and artistic creation, and a challenge to established positions and habitual predisposition to avoidance. Self-criticism is essentially about cultivating a relation of tension between a concept of the self and a state of the self. This state of emergency is closely associated with self-action and self-reflection. This exhibition brings together artists, curators, and cultural critics, acting concurrently as a team, and concerning themselves with the implications of the proposed question. Each project established under the proposed question devises for itself a constellation of thought where various ideas and key concepts are located in specific parts of their activity. 


On Saturday, July 8th, Inside-Out Art Museum will continue to organize lectures and events to accompany the exhibition of SELF-CRITICISM. This week we invite the curator respondent, Edward Sanderson, to share his thoughts on Chinese sound art, and the musician, Yan Jun, to bring a performance to the audience.

SELF-CRITICISM Exhibition Lectures and Events II

Speaker: Edward Sanderson, performer: Yan Jun


Time: Saturday, July 8, 2017, 14:00-15:45

Venue: Conference Room, Inside-Out Art Museum, No. 50, Xingshikou Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Exhibition ticket prices: 

Adult: ¥10

Concession: ¥5

Lectures and events are free of charge!


Programs & Events (Please see below for registration information)


【14:00 - 15:00】

Is Sound Critical? – Grounds for Sound Research and Practice

Speaker: Edward Sanderson 

(English, with Chinese interpretation)


Drawing on his ongoing research into sound-practices and experimental music in China, Edward will introduce his presentation Grounds for Sound that he developed for Self-Criticism, and share his thinking about how sound can be a critical medium for engagement with society.


Edward Sanderson is a curator, art critic, and editor, living and working in Beijing. He writes about contemporary art in China, with a particular focus on alternative cultural practices, independent groups, sound and experimental music.


【15:15 - 15:45】

Objective Object

Performer: Yan Jun


Objective Object was composed and premiered in Berlin a few months ago. That was an occasion to doing something on the topic of ‘object’. In some way it is a reaction to reductionism in music or the so-called conceptual minimalism in art. I learnt a lot from these, but they are not really my roots and I am trying to find my own way with a simple and performative music. This music is not purely for listening to, as with European classical music or acousmatic music. Its form is not pure either. I, rather, consider music as a primal event, in which performer and audience are in a better relationship than that of producer-consumer (at least). I assume that the mission of subjectivity is to disappear with the subject itself: we don't face the world but become the world. I wish I was a piece of field recording.  ”— Yan Jun


Yan Jun, musician and poet. Based in Beijing. By using feedback, field recording, voice, body movement, environment, interval, and background, he works on improvised music and experimental music. He is member of FEN and Tea Rockers Quintet. and founder of the Sub Jam label.


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Special Note

Due to the limit of space, please make sure to book in advance if interested, thank you for your cooperation!