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Exhibition as Exhibition Lecture & Forum Series I Jens Hoffmann: How to Do Things with Exhibitions

Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum

Exhibition as Exhibition Lecture & Forum Series I
Jens Hoffmann: How to Do Things with Exhibitions

Exhibition as Exhibition is a series of lectures and forums initiated by Carol Yinghua Lu, Director of Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum. This project places ‘exhibition’ at the heart of the issue, and considers it equivalent to artistic practice. This project aims to establish and define the built-in attributes and associated domains of exhibition-making, and to explore the aesthetics of exhibition and the potential of curatorial language in today’s artistic practice, discourses, and socio-political contexts. 

The autonomy of exhibition making is underlined by the belief in exhibition maker as the subject of practice, thus the discussion of exhibitions should be rooted in the specific contexts and cognitive systems intrinsic to each culture, each artistic researcher and each exhibition maker. While researches and exhibitions are confronted by pressure of the global discourse and art systems of other regions, we regard the subjects of practices as points of connectivity. We intend to reactivate the nature of exhibition making as a form of subjectivity and for it to enter into a dialogue with contemporaneity, through inviting exhibition makers to share their understanding of the position of the subject of curatorial practice within the art system and the art discourse, by revisiting art history and making detailed investigations of art history, and by differentiating and analyzing artistic practices based in specific cultural contexts and creative backgrounds. 

It is an important prerequisite for this project that we believe exhibition practice and its subjectivity could transcend the art mechanism and the market order, and could go beyond the boundary and rigid consciousness in the understanding of artistic creation, research, system and discourse. To return to the issue of ‘exhibition’ in the present, and to make visible the internal logic and motivations of exhibitionas the field of knowledge production is not merely to respond to the dilemma of curation in the global discourse, but to try to re-activate the inward observation, and to embark on the journey while fully recognizing existing limitations and specific practices in the rapidly changing contemporary context. 

This project will invite curators and writers from home and abroad to contribute to the discussion by sharing their first-hand experiences and concerns from their work at the frontier of exhibition making. 

How to Do Things with Exhibitions
Speaker: Jens Hoffmann
(English, Chinese translated by Shen Boliang) 

Time: 24th March, 2017, Friday, 2pm – 4pm
Venue: Conference Room, Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum

In his talk exhibition maker and writer Jens Hoffmann will address the question of whether inherited frameworks of making, theorizing, and exhibiting art still apply to contemporary practices. The talk considers the current commodification of the art industry and the distribution of images in the digital age. Drawing from his formation in theater and his own curatorial work, Hoffmann reflects on the spaces of contemporary art—the gallery, the institution, the art school, the biennial—and ultimately positions the discipline of curating in the context of a larger cultural sphere shaped by the political, social, and economic conditions of its time, while demanding new attitudes and new thinking. Hoffmann’s work posits the exhibition as an anthropological endeavor, and the curator as its agent. 

Jens Hoffmann is Director of Exhibitions and Public Programs at the Jewish Museum, New York; Senior Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and Co-Artistic Director of Front International: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art (opening in 2018). Previously Hoffmann was Director of the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art, San Francisco and Director of Exhibitions and Chief Curator at the Institute for Contemporary Arts, London. Hoffmann curated and co-curated a number of large scale international Biennials and Triennials such as the 9th Shanghai Biennale (2012), the 12th Istanbul Biennial (2011), the 2nd San Juan Triennial, Puerto Rico (2009) among others. In 2015 he received the Award for Curatorial Excellence from the Association of American Museum Curators. 

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