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Inside-Out Film Screening: Shanghai Youth

Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum

Inside-Out Film Screening: Shanghai Youth

Length: 510 minutes
Language: Mandarin, Shanghai dialect
Subtitle: Chinese and English

Production Team
Director: Gao Zipeng, Wu Meng
Cinematographer: Gao Zipeng, Wu Meng
Recording: Gao Zipeng, Qian Zhefeng
Editor: Gao Zipeng
Producer: Zhao Chuan, Gao Zipeng
Co-Producer: Wang Zijian, Li Shanshan
Associate Producer: Cong Xiao, Bai Qifan, Jigme Tsewang
Production Supervisor: Zhao Chuan

Saturday, April 22, 2017; Sunday, April 23, 2017
Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum
10: 00 am – 14: 30 pm, 15: 30 pm – 19: 30 pm, museum opening hours extended to 19:30 on Saturday and Sunday. 
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Please send your information to before April 21, 2017, including your name, number of participants, and contact details.  
Or via phone call:  
010 - 6273 0230  
We will confirm your registration information via email or phone call, please remember to check your email!  

The experimental video group Fu Da Jie, initiated and established by Zhao Chuan, Wu Meng and Gao Zipeng in Shanghai, aims at exploring the possibility of video and film in the civil society. They started to shoot this Shanghai Youth in 2009, it took four years to complete this eight-and-a-half-hour documentary. The film tells a story of the ‘Shanghai youth’ who were tranfered to Xinjiang from 1963 to 1966 to support the construction of the peripheral area, after which they continued to petition for more than 30 years since returning to Shanghai. The film presents the constant reflection on their identity of this generation, and depicts their relationship with the state. The film is also featured in the exhibition Salon, Salon: Fine Art Practices from 1972 to 1982 in Profile - A Beijing Perspective. 

(A Guide Book containing explanations of several historical terms specific to that era is available. Please scan the QR code on site.) 

Special Note: 

At 14:00 pm on April 29, Gao Zipeng and Zhao Chuan will come to Inside-Out Art Museum for a conversation on Shanghai Youth. Please stay tuned.