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The True Path— 2016 The collection of Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum

Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum

Date :09 Jul, 2016 - 11 Sep, 2016

Opening Reception :, Saturday, 09 Jul, 2016

The True Path

In the spring of 2010, a friend told me excitedly that it was his first time to personally collected paintings. He stood in front of several large paintings which were about 2x2 meters in size, alongside a few Bingo Cards as big as the children’s textbooks : The space is all at once dark blue, almost purple, with the smallest hints of Indian yellow, and dark green speckled with endless spots of bright white light. A thin and delicate line collides with a large expanse of ivory black… John Walker’s several representativepaintings become the partof Inside Out Art Museum’s most important collections.

In the summer of 2013, one of my friend, following a suggestion by Mr. Walker, attended an auction fair in the Northeastern coast of the United States and stumbled upon a small painting by Hans Hoffman. A few weeks later he was excitingly conducting the deal via phone, and after a few sessions of bargaining, the Hoffman’s was placed into a brown paper bag and taken back to Beijing. That night, Mr. Walker was shouting through the telephone, “You gays have nearly stolen a piece of American contemporary art history!”

On a brightly lit but frigidly cold morning in December of 2015, a single luxury car stood out amongst its surroundings and parked in front of an art studio at east side ofBeijing. Two hours later, they stamped their feet in a futile attempt to warm them from the cold, but remained there as they knew that just a few absolutely exquisite pieces of Mr. Zhu Jin Shi would splendor Inside Out Art Museum’s collection.

In the past 30 years, China’s economic development has not only had an impact on the lifestyle of its people, but also lead to social change that has been reflected through their evolving aesthetics and preferences. Chinese people’s perspectives have changed as their concepts and knowledge of art have been broadened. People are either be aware of or self unconsciously to promote the development of painting. The motivator ofthe self-consciousness efforts are due topeople’s promotion and pursuit toward humanistic feelings or spiritual standards. The motivator of the unconsciousness efforts are oftenmixed up with other factors, and trapped in between psychological vanity and the urge to blindly follow, but all of this will truly help the advancement and promotion of the paintings . On this dazzling and colorful journey of art development, we have gradually came to understand: today is just a transient moment in the endless flow of history, but we continue to work, and look forward to the future. Inside Out Art Museum’s painting collection may not be count as a tremendous collection.  This continues collection and several years of effort cannot be given an overall theme or a historical context yet, but for those idealists who truly support it: enjoying the glorious era, exciting process and self spiritual baptism.

The proportion of paintings in contemporary art is gradually decreased within the past 30 years, this is a phenomenon of this era.  However, compared to all other art forms, painting has been the longest developed and sustained art form in the history of human civilization. It is unnecessary for us to open discussions of how to preserve and protect it from dismission. On the other hand, we have a more important duty which is figure out the right wayto break traditional ideas and attitudes that confine the art of painting, and subsequently create a new contemporary art form – which we will still call it aspainting.


Yuan Zuo

Director of Inside Out Art Museum

June 2016