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Non-decisive moments. Another Take on Lithuanian Photography

Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum


展览日期 :2016年10月12日 - 12月02日

开幕时间 :2016年10月12日, 星期三, 

In 1991 the People’s Republic of China recognized the statehood of Lithuania, thus today we commemorate the 25th anniversary of diplomatic cooperation between the countries. On this occasion, there is an intention to not only introduce classical Lithuanian photography, the golden age of which is considered to be the 1960s and 1970s, but also to show the art processes that took place during the period of regaining independence and those that are taking place at the moment. 




The exhibition Non-decisive moments. Another Take on Lithuanian Photography presents works where, differently than in classical photography, an image is not “caught” by simply walking down the street; it emerges passively while slowly observing the environment, or is constructed out of various images not necessarily created by an artist himself. In other words, an idea is shaped in the mind and only later it is realized using photographic media. Three exhibitions displayed in the Inside-out museum contain works ranging from those created as far back as the end of the 19th century to those made nowadays. Exhibitions spreading over three museum floors will provide viewers with the possibility to get to know the most conceptual part of Vitas Luckus’creative work and images revealing the break-through of Lithuanian photography that took place at the juncture of the 1980s and 1990s as well as the reverberation of aesthetics formed in those days in modern photography. The third exhibition will introduce works of artists who use the creative strategy of appropriation.   





This exhibition is composed by three different parts and will introduce the following artists:

Vytautas Balčytis, Violeta Bubelytė, Alfonsas Budvytis, Geistė Kinčinaitytė, Stanislovas Kazimieras Kosakovskis, Arūnas Kulikauskas, Vitas Luckus, Alvydas Lukys, Aurelija Maknyte, Algimantas Maldutis, Algirdas Musneckis, Aleksandras Ostašenkovas, Remigijus Pačėsa, Gytis Skudžinskas, Vytautas V. Stanionis, Algirdas Šeškus, Virgilijus Šonta, Remigijus Treigys, Gintautas Trimakas, and Gintaras Zinkevičius.

《占领/TAKEN TERRITORIES》                   

展览时间/Exhibition Date:2016.10.12--2016.10.23

展览地点/venue:中间美术馆一层/the fisrt floor of the Inside-Out Art Museum

策展人/Curator:Gytis Skudzinskas


《非决定性瞬间Non-decisive moments》

展览时间/Exhibition Date:2016.10.12--2016.10.23

展览地点/venue:中间美术馆二层/the second floor of the Inside-Out Art Museum

策展人/Curator: Ieva Meilutė-Svinkūnienė 


《维塔斯卢克斯,真实之上/Vitas Luckus. Beyond Reality》

展览时间/Exhibition Date:2016.10.12--2016.12.04

展览地点/venue:中间美术馆三层/the third floor of the Inside-Out Art Museum

策展人/Curator: Ieva Meilutė-Svinkūnienė